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Ski in Sportivic's blog


Skiing: a sport with many benefits

The benefits of skiing for health are countless and, besides being a sport to be practiced outdoors and revitalize our mind, it is a sport that exercises our muscles both in the lower, middle and upper areas of the body.

To practice skiing we must have some physical preparation and take precautions, but instead we get many benefits.

Benefits of Alpine skiing:



Accessories to go well equipped to snow

One more season, the ski resorts are filled with white sports fans for skiing or snowboarding. But to go to snow, we will need the accessories, equipment and materials that will make us be much more protected. Are you coming to the snow?

We'll begin with ski boots, absolutely essential and the best accessory for a good skier. We can differentiate them as Nordic skiing...


Practice ski in the Pyrenees of Aragon stations

Yes, a new ski season has begun. So prepare the snowboard accesories and clothing suitable for the snow... The stations in the Iberian Peninsula have already opened their doors giving welcome to the white sports fans. If you like skiing, you're in luck because you can already slide down the slopes at the most important stations.

The Pyrenees of Aragon have ski resorts...