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How to start practicing running

If you have decided to practice running, for example, from this September after the holidays have gone, you should know before how to start and how to increase your circuits as the weeks pass. Here are some tips to start practicing running.

Set a target. You may want to practice running for various reasons. Even if it's just for the mere fact of moving and exercising, ...


Padel materials

With the wide variety of padels available on the market can transform a simple choice into something very, very complicated. It is important for you to learn about the different materials they are made from, in order to know what features they require before making your decision.

Carbon: For light, rigid and resistant paddles. Graphite: This material is...


Gifts for sports moms

The May 5th celebrates a special holiday. It’s Mother’s Day and you got to give something useful and nice at the same time. If your mother goes to the gym, practices running and takes care of her body, it is definitely a sports mom that surely enjoys all kinds of accessories and sports clothing

We recommend some gifts for sports moms, a full range of possibilities to...


The benefits of having a personal trainer

Make sport, get fit and even lose weight is something that should be done under the supervision of a professional. In recent years, the figure of the personal trainer has spread and become popular, and it is something well known. We talk about the person who advises and supports users to know what kind of exercises they must perform.

Because every body is different and the...


Types of fitness gadgets

If you are looking for the best fitness equipment for sport, this is the article for you. We have got all the necessary information to propose you the latest innovations of the market, the most efficient  tecnologies and for sure the gadgets you should buy if you like to exercise and if you prefer to be your own trainer.

 Concerning the gadgets to train your upper body,...