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How does it help Gore-Tex in your sport activity?

Gore-Tex is a patented type of fabric used for sport and more specifically outdoor clothing. It is easily identified by its composition and helps a lot in any sport activity. Want to know how?

Gore-Tex is lightweight and is presented to athletes as one of the first possibilities thanks to its advantages:

Lightweight Waterproof Protection against varied...


Football boots, necessary complement

Football, the beautiful game, the most widespread and played all over the world, require proper equipment for the game can develop properly.

Legend says that two football myths like Pele and Zico began to play football barefoot until it was mandatory to wear shoes. They said that tapping the ball with bare feet were more comfortable, but often the place where the beach and...


Versatility cardiovascular

Cardiovascular exercise increases metabolism and burns fat. It is especially recommended for those who want to lose weight or for seeking rehabilitation of some kind of problem in a progressive way. Or just for those who want to maintain or regain physical and muscular tonus.


Moving Padel Tennis

As cousin of tennis, padel keeps some similarities of great importance in the game. Displacement is a fundamental chapter in this sport. Knowing that the court is closed, defining characteristic of this activity, the game will require less movement distance, although more attention on the many possible rebounds.

Short steps charge value here, as they will determine the...


The 3 perfect padel paddles for beginners of this fashionable sport

The padel is a growing sport in Europe. Practiced mainly in Spain and Italy, in France courts are easier to find. But here in England, the country of racket sports amateur, this activity has been greeted with enthusiasm because it is an ideal indoor sport.