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Swimming in Sportivic's blog


Benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of the most complete sports, which also can practiced by children, adults and seniors. Back, muscles, legs, arms... almost everything moves, so it is a sport recommended by doctors to people with some ailments, experiencing stress or in state of pregnancy. Take good note of the benefits of swimming and get moving... Go swim!

Better general mobility. With...


Goggles to enjoy the World Cup

Now that we are celebrating BCN2013 Swimming World Cup, are you up to a quick review of the best swimming goggles?

Good swimming goggles must liberate eye pressure and allow freedom of movement with perfect visibility. Sportivic users are fully aware of that, and they have chosen the best swimming goggles of the year:

5. Swimming glasses Speedo Pacific Goggle ...


Sports to strengthen legs

When we decide to exercise and get in shape, either for health reasons or simply for aesthetic, it's easy to fall into the temptation of focus exclusively on the upper body, because it's more comfortable to train in a place like a gym with weights or other exercises.

However, if we want to get good results -lose weight, stay where we deem best for us or just improve our ...