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Exercise to gain flexibility


There are many sports that require legs and arms global flexibility. Nothing is better for your body than exercise in order to develop your strength, flexibility and endurance. Moreover, the flexibility is perfect to prevent injury while playing sports, helps to relax the muscles and get a great deal of relaxation.

If you are not a flexible person and have not exercised muscles throughout your life, try some of these activities, you will achieve your goals and get a flexible body.

Stretching will allow us to gain strength and flexibility in an easy way. To achieve this you need to plan daily stretching. Only 15 minutes is enough.

Do not forget to warm up first before stretching and try to go jogging or to practice fitness later. The stretches are held before and after physical activity because it avoids spasm that can give rise to major problems in the future.

One of the most common stretching exercises is to hunch the body forward. For this you must try to touch the floor with your hands. You will notice as the leg tenses while the back relaxes gradually. Now you have to stay in this position for seconds and repeat this operation 15 times. Every day you can repeat the exercises and gradually increase the number of bending. You will notice as you progress that it will cost less hunching forward. It's easy!

Side stretches are quite simple. It allows stretching your back, waist, arms and legs. It is complete and does not require too much effort. In this case, we can also do the exercises several times each day. Always remember to relax the body and breathe deeply.

We should note that for these exercises we must not force the back, nor the shoulders, and if you notice a tension, it should never be painful.

Do you like to practice fitness outdoor? Let us recommend you a few accessories for your daily fitness exercises:

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