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Exercises to get a good running technique


You miss strength? Resistance? In short, if you think your running technique could improve, you must read this post, once and for all, to become the runner you always wanted to be.

To improve the running technique you need to book a little more time for training. This time, you'll have to divide it between before and after the race, and complete with a day of training in specific technical race.

Put on your running shoes: During the warm-up, include some short races to be driven up and specific exercises. Remember what recommended your teacher in college. He taught you the famous heels feet, skipping almost without bending the knees or the lateral race.

After the race, you can gradually decrease the intensity and make some short distances. Then you are ready to analyze the weaknesses that you found during the workout that day for a repetition of specific exercises to strengthen them.

At this point in training you must not use full force. It's the impulsion that counts, but always with caution. Once training is completed, it is time to do one or two races at high speed. You won a hot shower and a glass of juice.

Finally, depending on your fitness level and what you aim to achieve, you can dedicate a day or two per week to prepare for the race, but without jogging.

It is important to make a series of high intensity exercises during which your body needs to feel tired. In this series, you should plan according to your abilities, and depending on what you need to do to improve your technique and minimize errors in the race. You have to give everything and deal with the intensity that you can assimilate. Finish with repetitions of sprints.

 You want to improve your technique? Put on your shoes and go running!

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