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Exercises to improve the back posture


Improving our posture helps us to maintain a healthy and erect body. It's important to have a proper back posture to relax, walk properly and avoid, in the long term, unnecessary ailments.

So it's important to establish proper postural habits which help maintaining an optimal musculature and balancing our body in general. Among these habits, we can do daily exercises that help us improving our body posture and get a much straighter and stylized back.

Within the fitness, some pilates and yoga positions are perfect for staying upright. With these exercises, we will make our back straighter when working, walking or sitting, and we'll do it without realizing it, in a natural way. The exercises based on flexing the spine inwards and outwards are quite desirable.

The crunches also help. In this case, we'll lie down on a mat with our knees bent and we'll let the arms crossed over the chest. Simply lift the trunk a bit, without having to be completely straight. We'll repeat several times these movements, doing them every day, increasing the number of reps as the days pass. The exercise is combined with good breathing and is done slowly to avoid back tensions.

Another really easy exercise and in the same position that the previous one is to flex the legs and thighs upward. It's also performed slowly and just a few times per week.

For the series of pilates and yoga we'll need advice from a professional that marks what we have to do each day. Moreover, at the slightest sign of a severe pain in the back, arms or legs, is better to go to the doctor or physical therapist to avoid greater evils.

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