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Exercises to strengthen your feet

 - In the same way that we care about our overall fitness, and sometimes we focus on specific areas of our body that we believe need special treatment, feet are one of the most important and most influential aspects in the way we practise running, practice fitness or do any other exercise. However, very few of us think of take some minutes each day to strengthen their muscles, because subconsciously we think that exercise in general deals with it by itself. 

Nothing further from the truth. In fact, the feet, especially the ankles, the arch and toes, are usually the weak point of many athletes if not properly and regularly exercised, which can lead to injuries of some importance (sprains, fasciitis, etc.). 

It is important, therefore, to do exercise regularly, such as walking barefoot on tiptoes. This practice is very beneficial to both feet and the ankles and calves, which also will help avoiding potential injuries and the annoying and painful cramps, which often appear when fatigue overcomes us or after an intense training. 

The flexions of the toes in static position are also an excellent exercise to improve muscle tone in the feet and lower legs. They have the additional advantage that can be done at any time and situation: just take your shoes off and do a few reps with each foot: up the tips of the toes upward as you feel as the muscles of the lower and upper foot and shin contract and relax. 

Also, during warm-up or while resting, it is important to do some stretching, such as flexions, extensions and rotations of the ankles, or a simple but very useful exercise to gain strength in the toes, such as separate them from each other as we would to extend the palms of our hands. Additionally, we can also do some curious exercises, like trying to pick up small objects or crumpling with our toes a towel, previously extended under our feet, very beneficial also for the coordination of movements.

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