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February, ski and snowboard season


Skiing is the king of  and as every January it comes back on the mountains. For who loves to spend a weekend or Christmas holidays in the snow, Skiing is the best, and help forgetting the daily bustle of the cities.

In recent years snowboarding has also become very fashionable. You can notice the evolution quickly and it represents a real way to live with a culture of dress codes, as reflected in the shops of suitable clothing for this sport.

Although the most important competitions are only for professionals, ie people who have grown up in the mountains and trained hard for many years, ski and snowboard fans number increases each season. Red Bull, sponsor of many extreme sports, is present on many competitions , mainly snowboard.

From the Sierra Nevada to the Pyrenees the best mountains are ready to welcome anyone who wants to try it, both beginners and experts. The tracks vary in difficulty depending on the level of individuals:

  • Green Piste: are for beginners and children
  • Blue Piste: for those who already have skills but still learning
  • Red Piste: are made for those who already know how to ski well and have a medium- high level
  • Black Piste: these are anly for specialists, highly skilled people to know how to deal with slopes of more than 50 degrees.

If you like skiing or snowboarding, in Sportivic we have what you need:

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