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Football boots, necessary complement

 TAGS:Football, the beautiful game, the most widespread and played all over the world, require proper equipment for the game can develop properly.

Legend says that two football myths like Pele and Zico began to play football barefoot until it was mandatory to wear shoes. They said that tapping the ball with bare feet were more comfortable, but often the place where the beach and not grass. Then came football boots with better technology so the player does not slide.

The first football boots had all the same type of cleats, round and fat, and could be 6 or 13. Today, the evolution of the game and the new types of fields such as artificial one, cleats boots have changed too. Now boots can have thinners but longer cleats , more suitable for the player to find the perfect balance in the field.

 TAGS:The football shoes are a necessary tool for any player and have to be chosen with discretion and reason. The adaptation of the boots to the foot has to be perfect, like a glove, so that no air space enters between the foot and footwear, in order to give the highest sensitivity so you can control the ball well. The material is usually smooth leather suitable for a good control the ball. Leather is a material that provides the correct mix between adhesion and flexibility.

Of the supplements for football, shoes are undoubtedly the most necessary, because without them the players could not play the ball. However, each player chooses the type of footwear that best suits him, choosing between various brands and various types and materials according to where and how they play.

These are the football boots suggested by Sportivic:

 TAGS:Nike Tiempo RIO FG black-whiteNike Tiempo RIO FG black-white

Nike Tiempo RIO FG black-white



 TAGS:Boots Nike Jr Mercurial Victory IV AG blue-VoltBoots Nike Jr Mercurial Victory IV AG blue-Volt

Boots Nike Jr Mercurial Victory IV AG blue-Volt

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