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Football protections: advantages and differences

This time we will see some of the advantages and differences between the most widely used protections in football. The idea is that you can then safely choose the equipment that best suits your needs and desires.

The shin guards are used in football and in sports such as rugby, ice hockey, baseball, and a few others because it protects the shins athletes. Hits from other players are inevitable when we start the competition. Fixed with Velcro strap for better grip and flexibility, they are required in almost any school or club to ensure the safety of the players.

  • Adidas Predator replica: these protections are lightweight and durable; a piece as been added to protect the tibia from shocks, dual band closure to fit and a very attractive design.
  • Adidas Predator 11: these protections are unisex, with colors that allow you to use them for a long time, straps for a better fit and shock protection system.
  • Ultra Mizuno Black Kneepad: these kneepads are designed to provide better ventilation and breathability of the skin; they have great shock absorption to protect your knees from injury and fractures.
  • Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards: these protections are ideal for football and avoid painful blows. Its detachable handle provides greater mobility; protection is made of dense foam to avoid impacts.
  • Uhlsport Sockshield shin guards: light protection with Lycra sock that allows you to stay ventilated. They have three plates shock layers.

The shin guards came into use in 1874 when San Weller adapted cricket protections with a belt around his shin to protect him from painful injuries that hit the tibia, very sensitive to fracture. Since then, the best sports teams have sought to protect players for better security and better performance on the field with shin guards and kneepads.

 TAGS:Adidas Predator 11Adidas Predator 11

Adidas Predator 11



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Shin guard Nike Mercurial Lite

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