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Freestyle football

 TAGS:Freestyle football is the sport of jugglers, circus acrobats, spherical drivers, individuals attached to a leather ball. The metaphysical seed of this practice turned into international competition could not germinate from anywhere else than from a circus.

Although it is difficult to date the first use of a soccer ball as a malabar, the first man who brought professional performance to this practice was the Italian Enrico Rastelli (early twentieth century).

In his circus number, he exhibited complete control over several balls using his feet, shoulders, knees, head, etc.. Even acrobatics and other elements added, which made him a global star.

Rastelli followers kept on training this practice which gradually began to take its own place in football. Pele, Zico, Maradona and Hugo Sánchez took advantage of their football control and bequeathed to posterity a number of plays and carambolas that really remember the style of 'freestyle'.

However, even they could not compete with the icons of this specialty, trained specifically to improve their control of the football and inventing new tricks. The players, meanwhile, help spread new technical challenges and practical skills exercises as the game allows.

But until the twenty-first century this circus and street practice did not get professionals notions. Soufiane Touzani, Abbas Farid, Tatsulow, Palle or Mr. Woo are the modern freestyle heroes.

In Youtube you can find some of their most amazing numbers like those I show you here as well as thousands from other emulators. Internet has become the final diffusion tool for freestyle football.

Leaving commercial contests and homemade videos aside, this practice has rocket thanks to Red Bull Street Style about seven years ago, on 2006.

It is the first official world championship for jugglers from around the globe. Garnier, Tokuda and Solum are some of the new stars of this modality in expansion that continues impacting the professional football players themselves.

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