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Futsal strategies

 TAGS:Futsal is a well known and widely practiced sport. In order to win it is necessary to have a good physical condition as well as an appropriate strategy. To plan your attack and defense and to study the opponent is something important if you want to succeed in this sport.

Several systems exist that allow you to visualize the role of each player on the soccer field. The more practiced in initiation levels is 2-2. This is because it is very easy to understand and does not require great physical condition. The reason why it is not used at higher levels is because it leaves a lot of space outside the area covered so that if the opponents are using another technique, they could win easily.

The most common and known for its efficiency is the system 3-1. It allows to control the midfield and observe the enemy. In addition, it provides more possession of the ball. However, to carry out this strategy players must be in good physical condition.

Currently, a 4-0 system is used as a complement to 3-1. It should not be used if the team is not in a strong position because it is easy for opponents to make a breakthrough in our area. A line organization will prevent deep passes. That is why it is appropriate to use a strategy of 3-1.

Speaking of football strategy, we must mention the offensive and defensive systems.

For attack strategies, we can use:

  • Direct attack
  • The counter
  • The rotation attack or
  • The static attack.

The static is the simplest and requires strategic moves because it is also the easiest to score. Each player has a role and should use his skill and ingenuity to achieve the goal.

The rotation system is more efficient because players swap positions to goal. When using this system it is essential not to overlook the defense. Direct attacks are essentially deep passes that allow rapid approach towards the goal. The counterattacks are quick games where the ball is stolen and where it takes advantage of the defenseless opponent to reach their goal area and try to score.

Defensive systems that we can choose are basically three: individual, zonal or mixed. Individual marking or "man to man" is very effective, but increases the number of absences and leaves many gaps where the opponent can play. Good futsal soccer shoes will be needed in the famous face to face.

In a zonal defense, each player is responsible for a specific space. It is very useful to reduce the defects, but a direct attack against the opponent could easily reach the goal. If the opposing team has a player that stands out: It is better to mixe the defense. Individual on the dangerous and zonal player on the rest of the field.

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