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George Best, the first anti-hero

When you want to remember historical players who, moreover were playing at an as iconic club as Manchester United, just get up and take your hat off. George Best is for many, even surpassing the legendary Bobby Charlton, the best player of the English team.

If I had been born ugly, you would not have heard of Pele

He was an exceptional talent, dominating in the one to one, he had an exceptional change of pace and above all, was pure controversy. Interestingly, he started with rugby, common in Northern Ireland, but in no time he started football.

He started very young for Manchester United at the age of 17, and in the years 65 and 67 he won two English leagues. Then came the high point of his career lifting the European Cup in 1968 against Benfica Eusebio.

The game ended 4-1 but when they were tied, George Best marked this goal reversing the balance for his team, what made him later European champion and winner of the Ballon d'Or

A few years ago he said that if given a choice between score a goal for Liverpool or sleeping with Miss World, would have a difficult choice. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to do both.

One of his most famous chapters was playing for the Northern Ireland in a match against England, grabbing the ball from a mischievous way to great goalkeeper Gordon Banks. Perhaps today we see this kind of play often, but at that time it was considered a humiliation to the goalkeeper.

In 1969 I left the women and alcohol, it was the worst twenty minutes from my life

But besides being footballer, George Best was a character. A great character.

His problems with alcohol continued partying and problems with women ruined his physical capacities, and eventually ended his carrier.

Alcohol left George Best into the grave, and November 20, 2005 News of the World under the request of the Best published a photograph of him lying on his bed with the message "Do not die like me".

Finally, five days after he died at the age of 59, Old Trafford still remember this genius and as many say:

Maradona good, Pele Better, George Best

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