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Goalkeeper gloves: the cat paws

 TAGS:The goalkeeper gloves are teams’ secret weapon. Of course, everyone can’t have the chance to have Iker Casillas. Those teams will have to rely on other things to optimize the agility and expertise of their guardians.

Like cats, football (and futsal) goalkeepers must be attentive at every moment of the game. The expectation is based on the reactivity. In other words, you need to be awake to be able to stop the most unexpected shots.

When gloves become this accessory you can’t live without:

When choosing the type of gloves, a player must take into account the type of ground they are going to play in. All factors affect the grip and that's why your equipment must be adapted to the requirements of the game. Grass, wet soil or hard ground, three different configurations that will make our choice of goalkeeper gloves a primary purpose.

It is always recommended to have the protection needed to prevent any type of injury because the fingers are too exposed. Prevention is better than cure.
Choosing goalkeeper gloves is a complicated matter and if it is your first time, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the choices available. The design and materials used in their manufacture are two aspects to consider when choosing the best goalkeeper gloves.

The Roller Finger type, which are a popular heritage of the English league, the flat, union of two sewn pieces and reinforced latex on the fingers, the negatives, similar to the previous, but with inseams or the R-negative , similar to the previous but with a coating of latex seams. Those are the main selling models.

Once you have defined the characteristics you want, simply choose a brand, but it is a personal choice.

Are you going to buy goalkeeper gloves? We recommend two popular models:

 TAGS:Gloves Uhlsport Fangmaschine Absolutgrip SurroundGloves Uhlsport Fangmaschine Absolutgrip Surround

Gloves Uhlsport Fangmaschine Absolutgrip Surround



 TAGS:Gloves Reusch Keon SG Elite orange-white Gloves Reusch Keon SG Elite orange-white

Gloves Reusch Keon SG Elite orange-white

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