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Handball's story

 TAGS:Although handball as it is practiced today is a relatively new sport, informations from the first historians of the western world suggest a more ancient origin. The Greeks practiced "game Urania", which the Romans called Harpastum. This was practiced by throwing a ball with hands. The similarities with the current sport do not stop there. Some medieval sports also have many similarities with handball.

All these sports have been the basis of most modern sports practices in the same way that the "calcium antico" is the ancestor of football and athletic games have their roots in the ancient Olympic Games.

The modern handball was born in the early twentieth century, in central and northern Europe, but the first international regulation is only established in 1926. In 1928 was founded the International Amateur Handball Federation, IHF today. Curiously, this sport was practiced outdoor on football courts with teams of 11 players, a rule that is still practiced on a limited basis in German speaking countries.

However, the climate of the countries that invented this sport leaves little room for the outdoor. They quickly adapt to indoor courts, and consequently needed to reduce the number of players up to 7. This change has also helped to popularize the practice of handball in other countries.

The first world championships were held in 1954 and it was not until 1972 that it reached the famous Olympic participation. Currently, the countries with the highest tradition of handball are still mainly Europeans, although competitions are held in almost every country in the world, and that in recent years, some countries in Asia and North Africa showed a great capacity, which can be a very positive step in the global extension of "handball".

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