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Hot Padel

 TAGS:As much as the padel doesn’t make us work physically as the tennis, this sport also requires certain preventive routines. Getting warm before starting in padel, as in almost any sport, is important. Give a few minutes, in order to start a game in the best conditions. It is interesting to make good use of this period of between 5 and 20 minutes before the game.

First, a bit of jogging will help the body to achieve the desired pulse to start the game. Otherwise, it is difficult (and dangerous) to start the game with the normal speed and intensity. Once warmed, a player must have special concern his legs and, to a lesser extent, back and arms.

Ankles, calves, quadriceps and abductors can suffer from a shock without proper preparation. Spend 5 minutes to stretch these areas is mandatory for both professional and amateur players.

Similarly, a player must take a moment to warm up his back (trunk flexion), in order to avoid unwanted injury in any sudden movements that can motivate paddle in full explosiveness.
Obviously, the arms are a fundamental tool in this sport, and that will support the weight of the game. The usual tennis exercises for the upper extremities can be implemented without changes in the padel (shoulder stretches, warm arms).

 TAGS:The rally, usually superimposed on the heating time, sometimes immediately after, offers moments of adaptation to the track, to balls and even the rival game. These are times to gain confidence and feelings with all strokes.

In Spain, most padel grounds look synthetic grass and are discovered, facilitating adaptability. In South America, for example, there are many fields covered and cement, causing big differences in the ball pot. On synthetic turf, the balls do not jump and, depending on the sand, the player can slide better. In these cases, buy adapted padel material will facilitate our work.

The choice of the balls willis also very imoprtant. With heat, bounce more. With cold, becomes heavier. In any case, changes always affect the two parties involved. The process will help rally familiarization and tactical espionage. Stay tuned to the repertoire of your opponent. It can help you during the game. Although, in principle, these moments are key to your physical performance and for your trust.

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