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How does it help Gore-Tex in your sport activity?

Gore-Tex is a patented type of fabric used for sport and more specifically outdoor clothing. It is easily identified by its composition and helps a lot in any sport activity. Want to know how?


Gore-Tex is lightweight and is presented to athletes as one of the first possibilities thanks to its advantages:

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Protection against varied climatic conditions such as wind, cold and rain
  • Allows perspiration and ventilation

Many athletes who practice mountain sports prefer this type of fabric for their sportswear. Manufactured by WL Gore & Associates, Gore-tex is the pioneer in the manufacture of garments of this material.

Currently there are other similar fabrics from other manufacturers used to create sportswear similar to the original. Additionally, Gore-tex is used in the medical field for vascular surgeries, replacing the venous or arterial tissue.

It is also used in the field of aeronautics for coating cables, thanks to its lightness, and in the musical area for coating the strings of musical instruments.

Gore-Tex is composed of five layers:

  • Waterproof and breathable outer layer
  • Protective layer
  • Gore-Tex structured membrane-like layer
  • Protective layer
  • Internal soft tissue layer to contact with the skin

Undoubtedly the advantages of using this fabric for outdoor sports are highly prized among connoisseurs of the matter and, although outdoor disciplines go from mountaineering and cycling to running, among others, this waterproof and high breathable fabric is equally wanted for the purchase of sports equipment.


 TAGS:Millet Lady Charpoua Gore-TexMillet Lady Charpoua Gore-Tex

Millet Lady Charpoua Gore-Tex



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Gore Bike Wear Gore Element Ws So Jacket Red 2015

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