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How to avoid running's addiction

 TAGS:Did you ever hear about the vigorexia? The obsession of the muscles? Well now is the running addiction. It seems that our brain is always willing to get caught in something. Of course, we can argue that sport is healthy. But the excesses are never good!

The rewarding feeling that occurs when, after a grueling training session releasing endorphins, we look at our watch or GPS speedometer and see that we've overcome … it is incomparable. We want more! So far so good: self-improvement, sports minded, but there are extreme cases that go beyond the bounds of reason and start a different and negative dynamic.

You realize that something is wrong when jogging stops being a hobby to become an obligation. If it rains, snows or the thermometer is below zero you still have to go to train, and if you don’t you mentally feel bad, well, you may be developing an addiction to running.

If you look for time to run but do not have it, which often leads to disputes with those around you, then it might be an addiction to running. The case may be extreme if you stop doing things for your loved ones in order to go for a run, if you train even if you are recovering from an injury or if you need to practice running at least on a daily basis.

If you recognize yourself in these symptoms, you should consult a specialist for advice. He could help you to understand how to channel your energy to return to normal indices of training before your health, your mental stability and your social life look resentful of your addiction to running.

The running has many benefits, like other sports, especially if it is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, but the excesses are not good. It can have consequences difficult to solve.

We focus on healthy living and sport, but as always, with moderation. And today we recommend two running shoes:

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