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How to choose a trekking route?

 TAGS:Before we jump into the adventure of trekking (part of the Outdoor) we must carefully choose the routes depending on our physical condition and our experience. We must take a closer look at the difficulty levels, slopes, distances to travel or landscapes.

Map and compass must accompany us during the whole way. Always check if you have the necessary equipment (hiking boots, backpacks, comfortable and warm clothes). Our needs change depending on the season, and moment of the day.

About the slopes you may cross along the route:

  • For beginners it is best not to exceed 250 meters of difference in height, at least on the rise.
  • For more experienced athletes, we can choose routes with slopes of 800 to 1000m, and more.

In between, there is a wide field of possibilities for trekking enthusiasts.

About the distance:

  • For starters, we would not recommend more than 6 or 9 miles.
  • However, those who already have a certain level of fitness and experience in trekking tours can try to do 13 and 15 miles tours, without forgetting to bring suitable footwear, water and adequate sun protection (if the trekking takes place in summer) or other (if there is a risk of rain, wind or snow).

The level of difficulty we are going to find will depend on the region and the topography of the terrain. When the decision of enjoying a day of trekking is taken, first choose the destination. Once selected, plan it well with the help of a map. If you do not have much experience you should conform to the routes already marked. They have a visible and marked path, which also indicate the miles, so you can be sure before you start.

In any case, the difficulty level will also be determined by the weather. On a rainy day, a short route with easy slope can go from basic to medium. If the trek takes place in winter you can find ice on the road. It's something we always keep in mind before starting the route.

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