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How to choose your tennis skirt


Tennis players can afford to use very attractive and fashionable clothing for this discipline. Tennis skirt has evolved over time to the point that a percentage of women wear it as casual clothing.

When choosing your tennis skirt, these recommendations may be of great utility to optimize your time and save money.

  • Check the style and cut: Depending on your body type, and popular models, tennis skirts can result in all praise for your figure, the most sought after are the “bell style”, the straight cut and the pleated. With regard to the benefits of each: The “belle style” are not tight-fitting, the straights have stripes to move freely on the court and the pleated stylize your figure.
  • Waist: The waist styles may vary by tennis skirt, elastic are easier to get off and feel safer. They prevent movement while practicing and running.
  • With attached shorts: tennis skirts with tights or shorts attached let you run without the worry of showing your underwear, preventing you to waste your attention on these issues. You can focus on giving the best of you and save money.
  • Part of a set or alone: The tennis skirts can be achieved as part of sets. They are great for not having to search for additional pieces to complete the outfit, but if you already have the tennis blouses you need, choose tennis skirt with a reversible color combinable, it will help to give you versatility.
  • Long: This item is disturbing for many women tennis players; the recommendation is to find what suits your figure. For short stature should wear shorter skirts and higher can afford to vary between the knee and shorter.

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