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How to face the day of the marathon

 TAGS:The marathon appears as the great challenge for the millions of fans who practice running in the world. Its distance (42 kilometers and 195 meters) and the physical effort involved, require a huge mental endeavor. However, it is worth suffering for most participants. In order to avoid a painful physical wear, the first tip for this ultra-distance race is planning it properly in time with the athleticism of each. Be realistic with your body and it will not disappoint you.

The work scheduled for weeks, even during the months before the race, will pay off in the moments of greatest distress and discomfort. Alternate hard training (hour and a half, two hours, ramps, speed) with recovery training, and even days off. This will inure your body to the sport routine, as well as to all possible ailments. At this stage, it is obviously necessary to use appropriate clothing and shoes, in order to avoid serious injuries. Nike, for example, gives you shoes like the Air Max Run Lite+ Lea, which provide more traction and comfort at a gallop.

In any case, listen to your body. Each holds different rhythms and requirements. If after this sacrifice, and after a normalized diet rich in carbohydrates (yogurt, fruit, salad, rice, chicken, nuts, fish, legumes, boiled vegetables, pasta and, of course, isotonic drinks, everything with no excess), you're ready to run a marathon, the time has come.

Before running a marathon, as happens before facing the workouts, the body must be prepared. Whenever you go to a race like this, make every effort to go with a good digestion. That is, eat two to three hours before, without excesses. In addition, hydrate well, as in the previous days, before, during and after exercise.

A good pre-race breakfast would consist of yogurt, muesli, a piece of fruit and a good water hydration. Avoid sugars and getting out of your bowel routine. Do not risk taking unusual foods that can cause you problems during the race. The previous day dinner, when the competition is in the morning, usually serves pasta, the dish of choice for many marathoners.

Diet, hydration, rest, preparation and the use of appropriate equipment are sufficient to complete one of the world's toughest tests. Run always dosing to improve performance in the second half of the race, and feel your limits grow. After the race, allow yourself a prize. You deserve it.

Are you ready to start preparing your 1st Marathon?

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