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How to get your abs back


You've eaten too much, you neglected the daily exercise... And your abs are practically gone! Retrieve them is easier than you think with some fitness exercises, but you must get fit again and follow a schedule of exercises combined with a healthy and rich diet.

No doubt the effort and dedication will be your perfect partners if you want a perfect body and the six pack, envy of all your friends. Daily training will be essential; focus on series of exercises that also increase the musculature of the arms and, in this way, you will get twice the result with the same effort.

A basic but safe exercise to define your abs are the pushups on the floor. They tend to be a bit heavy, but we will start slow and then increasing the number of series as the days pass. While you are doing the pushups do not forget to tighten the abdominals to gain more strength in this area of the body.

The abdominal exercises are also perfect. Lie on the floor with legs half bent and rise your trunk several times. It's simple but safe; all depends on the number of crunches you can do each day. The batches of inverted abdominal exercises are also recommended, since they are ideal to improve the lower abs. You can do about 30 inverted crunches in each series and increasing the number daily.

A more complicated exercise is to perform leg lifts suspended in a fixed bar. We recommend 5 reps of this type if we are able to bow down, because the effort is much higher. They are great for developing and maintaining the lower abdominals.

The Pilates exercises, performed with a bit more pace are also beneficial in bringing this area. If we combine some of these exercises daily, without losing our routine, probably after about 30 days our abs will have been leaning back and we'll be in shape again.

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