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How to heal blisters

 TAGS:You've time training, you can say that your preparation is perfect. You've followed to the letter the instructions of your coach or trainer to get ready for competition. You have not missed any details, even you bought a new pair of running shoes to first wear them in "the day"... Error!

Just the day of your first big race, you start running and within minutes you notice a small annoyance somewhere on your feet. The heel, the little toe, the sole... you pay no attention to the fact and keep running. Soon the discomfort becomes pain, so even your running style begins to change and it affects your performance.

So much effort for nothing, you end up with ugly and painful blisters that prevent you from improving your record and even training in the following days. What can we do to prevent its occurrence? Once they appear, how relieve and cure them? Here are some small tips that can help minimize the effects of blisters.

Better safe than sorry

Prevention is the first step to prevent this annoying blisters and grazes, and there are some things you should take into account and will be very helpful:

The running shoes

An improper footwear for our activity, even if we think that it is adapted to our feet by the use, or one too hard, being too new, can cause friction in different parts of our feet, ending up in the formation of blisters. It is better, in our own experience in training, to use shoes that we think will adapt properly to our feet in competition conditions. If new, use it during the previous days. Moisturizing cream, spread inside the shoe, is a very good solution to soften the leather and make it more flexible.


A good breathability and adaptability to our feet help prevent friction. Firstly, breathability prevents the overheating, something achieved by the use of technical fabrics and/or natural fibers. The second aspect avoids wrinkling and sticking points in the fabric. In general, keep in mind that buying sports equipment suitable to our skin and our measures will be crucial to avoid problems of this kind.


Dry skin is more prone to chafe with friction. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of our feet with attention, using a moisturizer and a correct hygiene. By competing or training, vaseline placed at strategic points of the feet can be a good help.

Remedies for blisters

There are countless home methods, primarily to relieve pain or as an traditional antiseptic, with medicinal herbs, or even exotic and undesirable solutions. Thus, the most appropriate is to follow the steps listed below, in order to eliminate the problem without risk of infection.

Once the blisters appear, the most important thing is to remove the liquid contained inside them poking them with a needle (previously sterilized), but trying to avoid tearing the adjacent skin to prevent infections which in places like feet can become quite complex. After that, wash and disinfect the area with an antiseptic and cover it with a gauze that allows the perspiration of the area (avoid plastic strips). Repeat the hygiene for a few days until we see that the skin has regained its normal consistency and, if you keep training or competing, cover the area with specific patches.

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