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How to organize a barbell session


Within the fitness, the barbells open up a world of possibilities for exercising to keep the body fit in general. When we train with weights, we'll do series and repetitions, and take into account the weight of these accessories to not overload our back or arms. Everything will depend on our strength, musculature and the times we use the weights in our daily training.

To organize a sport barbell workout we can alternate different disciplines in order to make it as complete as possible. You must choose the number of repetitions; the ideal is to perform about 10 repetitions of each set of exercises we do, and if you want to increase the number, you can do so within a daily routine, but don't overdo it, because you can get injured easily.

Within the session, the pushups are essential. In the ground pushups, we'll put our hands on the bar preventing it from moving. The bar makes this exercise more difficult, so we'll need more strength and tighten the abdomen for it to maintain balance. We'll up and descend the body several times, but without overdoing, because we must continue doing exercises.

Then we can do squats. They are much more complete with bars. We can cross our arms and pass the bar between them; then bend our knees, stay in this position for a few seconds and return to standing. We have to feel the weight of the bar. This exercise is perfect for keeping the back musculature, toning the glutes, quadriceps and get the abdomen flat and fit.

The breaks between the different series should be short. We can make a break of about 3 minutes after each set and then continue. The exercise must be continuous to rest and go on with our daily lives later.

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