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How to pack a backpack?

 TAGS:When packing a backpack and wanting to to it in the right way you should follow a specific order while distributing the weights. To simplify the job and be sure not having forgotten anything, it is a good idea to prepare everything we want to take with us  on a surface, for example on the bed or on the floor.

In this way we will avoid getting confused and only with one look we will be able to calculate volumes and weights of the objects we want to take with us on our outdoor trip.

We have to make sure to fill the rucksack with the adequate weight avoiding to have more weight on one side than on the other. If we plan that action in the wrong way, we will have to stand the consequences the whole time we are wearing the rucksack: Incomodity, discomforts on the shoulders, muscle overloadings.

At first we will place bigger objects that are not that heavy on teh ground, as for example sleeping bags, a classical object for the bottom of a rucksack. After that will follow bigger and heavier objects which will occupy the whole area in the centre.

Lighter objects will be placed on top of everything so that we can avoid  its break down and also that the weight of the rucksack makes us fall backwards which could happen if we situate the heaviest things there.

We should also keep in mind that some things we take with us can be stored inside others so that space can be safed. But it is still important to reduce things to a minimum in order that we don't have to carry too much weight with us.

Exterior pockets are perfect for storing outdoor accessories we might need on our trip, as an extra jacket if it's cold, sun glasses, a bottle of water, a bite to eat or a hat.

Of course in those pockets we will never keep objects of valor nor documents as will risk loosing them because of better access to that area of the rucksack.

The right fitting of the rucksack will guarantee us comodity during transport and that's why it is convenient to spend more time on fixing the braces, bands, straps and bum bags.

Our goal is that once  the burden is distributed in the right way inside the rucksack, its right exterior adjustment, culminates our effort and offers us a uniform weight, on the right and left of the central area of the rucksack, as well as related to shoulders and hips.

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