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How to run in an adequate way

 TAGS:Running is a sport that is very fashionable today, because anyone can do it, respecting their own rhythm and abilities.

A lot of people enjoy the constant movement that running can provide you, doing both a physical training for the muscles of the legs and a rhythmic training to improve your heart rate and breathing.

In fact, to start running it is important to have patience in the early days, when the breath is lacking of rhythm. The secret is to start slowly without running too fast to suit the movement of the legs to your breath capacity.

It is essential to maintain a steady pace so that the body and heart can get used to the effort. Having achieved a certain level of strength and physical endurance you will get better performances, both in terms of time and speed. The capacity of controlling the breath is the key to hold the first signs of fatigue.

But when running it is not only important to get the right pace, it is also fundamental that your body movements are as precise and concrete as possible. Especially regarding the feet, it is necessary to have suitable running shoes for foot support that perfectly suits you. Plastic slippers can provide elasticity and flexibility to the feet and help you to get the perfect motion and not damage the spine during the act.

The running is an outdoor activity that is very easy to practice, but to practice it you won’t only need good shoes. You also have to equip yourself with comfortable leggings. This type of garment ensures a good feeling of motion and, especially, a good breathability for your skin.

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