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How to start practicing running


If you have decided to practice running, for example, from this September after the holidays have gone, you should know before how to start and how to increase your circuits as the weeks pass. Here are some tips to start practicing running.

Set a target. You may want to practice running for various reasons. Even if it's just for the mere fact of moving and exercising, it is best to set a goal that you must pursue from the very first moment you decide to run. It is an additional motivation to start and continue with the sport.

Previous training. To start with running, just as happens with other sports, you need a warm up and previous training. If you already practice sport in general, it may be the usual. If not, before running we recommend stretching and abs.

Suitable material. Before you begin, you must have the right equipment to run favorably. Buy running shoes made from sturdy and durable materials, plus pants, sweatshirt and electronic devices that will measure the circuit and its performance.

Start small and then increase your pace. No use from running for hours at the first moment. You'll end up tired in a short time and you will not have done much. Check the pace and timing that you are able to do and then increase the number of routes. Normally, you start with 10 minutes to increase the intensity another day.

Better in the morning. To start practicing running is always better to follow the same routine time, at least for a few weeks. The body will get used to this schedule your performance will be better. It is preferably to run in the morning, since it is much more beneficial in general.

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