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Ideas for running in cold weather


Cold is one of the factors that make many runners to change the frequency of their training, but with rain and cold you still can run, but with the right equipment to avoid losing your fitness and fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

Motivation: To keep you motivated you can form groups with friends to go running together, and if you run alone, you just have to convince yourself that if you can not stand the cold, you could get back home: most of the time this does not happen and you finish the training without problems.

Feet: Your most important tool to run requires a waterproof footwear and if it is made in gore-tex much better, in order to facilitate good transpiration while protecting against moisture. Socks must be designed to provide breathability and ventilation to keep you warm and dry at the same time.

Layers: To prevent colds when running in cold weather, you should dress as if the thermometer marked 10 degrees more. For this kind of weather, wear clothing made with technical materials designed to wick away sweat, having zippers to get ventilated as you walk into heat and don't forget hat and gloves.

Calling attention: If you choose to run after sunset, use reflective clothes, fluorescent colors. This will keep you safe from drivers, and even pedestrians will give way when seeing you coming in the distance on the sidewalk.

Warming up: In this cold weather time is best to perform the warm up at home, this can help you starting to sweat and activating blood circulation.

Wind direction: When you start running, you should start doing it against wind direction and when finishing, you must doing it the same direction of the wind. Remember to use a sunscreen on your face to avoid burning and use gloves.

No hurry: For this cold season, set aside stopwatch records and concentrate on making the complete path that you've planned. You can try different schedules depending on your time availability.

Don't let rain stop you: With the necessary preparation there should be no impediment to be able to go running, whether it rains or not. Carry a bag with spare shoes and a towel.

Arriving home: Since when you stop training the body heat decreases, when you got home it is best to change clothes from head to toe. If it has rained dry your footwear placing newspaper balls inside and take a hot drink if it's possible.

With all these tips, you just have to go for a run!


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