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Master shots: The upward "drive" of Federer

 TAGS:Choosing only one tennis shot of the big repertoire of Roger Federer could be insulting. Every single action he takes should be revised in the best tennis academies of the world. He is a model student, the right hand of every teacher.

This swiss guy is an aesthetist of the tennis racket and enthuses the more purists as well as the more technical perfectionists. His service is incommensurable, he traces perfect volleys and with his backhand he makes ham slices out of melons.


His forehand on the other side is similar to the one of draughtsmen and gunsmiths. He traces perfect straight lines on the court and sets fire on them with kilos of gunpowder. In his fast and reliable game, this shot is the one that best resumes his sport philosophy. It is also the one that has an influence on his victories.

The forehand saved him the trouble of hours of playing difficult games. For being fast and talented many of his victories could have seemed easy. In reality, in most cases they have been easy. He is able to make difficult things easy.

This  guy from Basel has dominated the circuit during a lot of time and he collects more "Grand Slams" than anyone else. On fast surface he is probably the best tennis player in history. Perfectly adapted to more lively surfaces, his forehand annihilates.

Clay court is the only court that doesn't benefit his "express" style. It slows down his game and benefits his antagonist Rafa Nadal, the king of clay courts. Anyway his capacity on clay is also very good, it just comes after the capacity of the mallorcan Rafa Nadal.

The mechanics with which Federer chains up his drive is impressive.  Steps, wrists, acceleration and shot. Every try is  a potential "winner" or a next-to-last shot. That's why he produces an intimidating effect on his rivals.

With this tricky weapon of massive destruction in public, the rest of tennis players haven't had other remedy than hoping for the use of his backhand, which is very good but not that strong. That's also the reason why Nadal could defeat the swiss king.

Father of twins,  thirty-year-old Federer has got back to the top when only a few people expected it. His fisical shape is enviable and his shots are still too good for the majority. Fortunately his forehand is still working and dominates the circuit.


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