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Most frequent activities at the gym in 2013


Once again, the gyms are filled during this time to regain the lost figure on the last Christmas. Recall that sport should be made throughout the year on an ongoing basis, because only then we will be in shape and keep the line without much effort.

The trend physical activities at the gym during this 2013 have much to do with fitness. The aerobics mix up with other disciplines such as pilates in order to practice more intense exercises at the rhythm of music. Thus, the lessons will go faster and we'll have more desire to return soon.

The zumba is a fashionable activity that was born in Colombia and, in a few years, it has spread throughout the world. Its success is that knows how to combine aerobic routines, dance and pilates offering effective and comprehensive exercise. Say it with a single lesson of zumba you can burn up to 800 calories...We will have to try it!

Within the fitness, the bosu is also in high demand. It's based on a soft platform with a semi spherical shape or half rubber ball with which we perform aerobic exercises, running, jumping and even others related to strength, muscles and abdomen. The air exercises seem pretty complicated, but in one or two lessons we can do some acrobatics that go perfect to gain strength in the limbs and body.

Best of air exercises is that they offer a great sense of freedom and stimulate the imagination, with the amount of movements we can do, and, at the same time, get us away from stress.

Related with stress, the military sports, the martial arts and slower activities such as yoga are other disciplines that make users fill gyms in search of new emotions and to achieve a full level of relaxation.

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