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Moving Padel Tennis


As cousin of tennis, padel keeps some similarities of great importance in the game. Displacement is a fundamental chapter in this sport. Knowing that the court is closed, defining characteristic of this activity, the game will require less movement distance, although more attention on the many possible rebounds.

Short steps charge value here, as they will determine the best location of a beating with the paddle blades and will enable a good coverage of the track. Its successful implementation will determine the quality of their impacts and their level of competence.

Needless to theorize on this point to understand its consequences. When a player remains balanced (feet planted on the ground ) and a correct distance from the ball, there is every chance that the impact has the desired effect or speed .

To repeat often this situation, anticipation appears as a priceless quality. You need to be fit, it brings reaction time, but it also requires a good reading of the game to anticipate movements and intentions. This will prevent constant beatings and forced errors.

For example, if you are in the bottom wall and your opponent opts for a short ball, your reaction will depend on these factors. First, a physical ability and speed of reaction; secondly, your talent for anticipating the play. To facilitate movement, as in tennis, it is advisable to adopt dynamic positions.

Note that 4 or 5 steps can be sufficient for you to cover the entire court. However, know the difficulties of a beating in the race. Braking and adjusting its impact is as important as speed. The legs soften (again, small steps) the inertia of the race while arms look for the best shot spot. A pair of paddle with a quality sole also help.

As in tennis, a quick reaction strengthens your defense and your ability to lead. The paddle adds an extra difficulty thanks to the multiple possibilities that can cause a rebound on one or two walls. Anticipate the fate of that ball will facilitate the work.

In fact, it is advisable to practice exercises in travel speed and braking away from the stress of the parties: horizontal short steps, to the network, to the bottom and even diagonally, braking, sudden turns, etc. . . . If you can master the movement, will become a formidable opponent, pervasive and intelligent.

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