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NBA Trends

 TAGS:The Celtics, Bulls, Lakers ... NBA sportswear brand creates trends and you don’t need to be a basketball addict in order to wear it. The most iconic clothes you see in the American basketball courts have crossed borders, as they did in the nineties, dressing athletes from all around the world.

The novelty is that its use has been transferred from the training camps to all kinds of possibilities not necessarily linked with basketball. We see pants and shirts tops in the trendiest fitness sessions. We also distinguish the team logos of some spectacular basketball teams on gym clothing.

The running tracks are not far behind and everywhere we can see the Knicks meshes with shades of blue, orange and black. The versatile shorts, so typical of basketball, fit both men and women for its style. But the best is the convenience they provide, precisely what you were looking for to train.

Shirts, hats, sweatshirts... feel like Pau Gasol and get dressed in the colors of the Lakers, yellow and violet, for a sports day full of optimism with a touch of originality. Forget about the classic garments in black, gray and white you have in your closet and fill your bag or backpack with more inspiring sportswear. It will provide you the extra energy dose you need to optimize your performance on the track.


Ricky Rubio, Calderón, Rudy Fernández y Marc Gasol are trendsetters, following the unstoppable Pau.  If your dream is the NBA, at least to witness one of their matches live, and your goal is to have fun playing your favorite sport, then refresh your wardrobe.

If you do not know where to start renovating your sports equipment, here are a couple of proposals that can also serve as gift ideas:

 TAGS:Adidas Minikit boston celticsAdidas Minikit boston celtics

Adidas Minikit boston celtics



 TAGS:Kit Adidas LakersKit Adidas Lakers

Kit Adidas Lakers

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