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No more boredom on the treadmill

 - Enough man, it is always the same. There are always people who get bored on the treadmill and I really do not understand it. In case someone continues to do so, I will give you some reasons why it is impossible to get bored on the treadmill and your mind will change (probably).

You should not get bored on the treadmill:

  • Because you have the chance to talk to your partner on the next treadmill without having to hear the car horns, the roar of buses and all those producers of noise out there in the outside world.
  • Because you don't have to freeze to run when it is winter.
  • Because you will not have to fight the elements and get wet if it rains or have to sweat blood running against the wind (there is even a song about that feeling)
  • Because you can invent a thousand stories, as you are being followed by a dozen hungry wolves or some taxmen, to improve your performance and get away from the monotony.
  • Because you can look at yourself in the mirror the whole time of duration of your career and think you're a lifeguard on California.
  • Because you can look in the mirror at the same time and find all those defects you want to fix before the summer comes.
  • Because you can put aside the bottle of water to drink when you want and not have to walk around loaded with your Camelback.
  • Because if you do not have whom to talk to (or do not have the strength to do so) you can hear the other conversations that take place in the gym (or at home, if you train there).
  • Because it's the only way to run while watching TV.
  • Because you always have a toilet nearby.
  • Because that treadmill cost you your money and now you have to repay it (if you have a treadmill at home).
  • Because you always have the option of running out but you always end up running on the treadmill, there must be a good reason then.

 TAGS:Life Fitness T5-0 TreadmillLife Fitness T5-0 Treadmill

Life Fitness T5-0 Treadmill



 TAGS:Life Fitness T5-5 TreadmillLife Fitness T5-5 Treadmill

Life Fitness T5-5 Treadmill

Comments No more boredom on the treadmill

You're completely right! In fact, I love treadmills! :D
Treadmill guy Treadmill guy 28/04/2013 at 23:04

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