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Outdoor: kitchen accessories for your countryside trips

 TAGS:Some people think that outdoor is a synonym of discomfort, but this idea is totally false. It can be a quite enjoyable experience and for that there are several options for kitchen accessories you can take with you:

IT Easy Fold Camp Plate: To have more energy and get the most of your experience outside, food plays a major role and there are affordable options like IT Easy Fold Camp Plate that may save you from a lousy meal. It is really compact and won’t take much space if you bring it with you.  

Edelrid Ropetooh: if you want a good knife to cut ropes, ribbons and even food you can consider the Edelrid Ropetooh, ergonomic design and secure closure anti accident.

Jetboil Coffee Press: For those who consider the most important meal of the day as necessary but cannot conceive it without a good cup of coffee, there is the Jetboil Coffee Press. This device can be used as a personal cooking system that lets you easily brew coffee on your trips to the mountains.

Edelrid Bundeswher Cutlery: A question that you will be confronted to before to go on outdoor is what cutlery to carry?  These Edelrid Bundeswher Cutlery concentrate the spoon, fork and knife in one game so you can eat comfortably when going on expedition.

Litech Primus Cookware Set: If you are planning to camp out for several days, you should use this ultra light set of kitchen, made of aluminum with a nonstick coating that will prevent your food from sticking and consists of two pots for cooking two types of food at once and optimize your time.

Titan Spoon: This titanium spoon measures 21 inches and weighs only 17 grams, is ideal for use on your trips and preparing your food.

Need more tips to encourage you to eat in the field? Today we recommend our 2 most comfortable accessories:

 TAGS:Edelrid spoffEdelrid spoff

Edelrid spoff



 TAGS:Edelrid ropetoothEdelrid ropetooth

Edelrid ropetooth

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