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Pelé vs. Maradona: The endless debate

 TAGS:One of the biggest discussions in football is the comparison between two master players as Pelé and Maradona. These two sizes as well as Cruyff and Di Stefano are among the four best football players in history.

During the last years people are talking about including a fifth player as well, either Zidane or Messi, it has not been decided yet. Regarding Pelé and Maradona, they are the only ones that have ever won a World Cup. "O Rei" achieved it with the Brazilian National team three times, he debuted when he was 17 in Sweden in 1985, but he didn't play in many games, in Chile in 1962 and in Mexico in 1970. "El Pelusa" on the other hand, won in Mexico in 1986 and gloated in the game against England.

But who is actually the better player? That's difficult to say. Besides the World Cup they were also very successful in their respective clubs and each one created new trends.

One of them triumphed in Santos FC and the other one is responsible for taking the team of Napoli to the top of European Football. That's also the reason why in many countries in which football is sacred as religion, people like to remember those great players and their exits in World Cup.

Today Pelé is the best known goalscorer in the history of "Seleçao", with the best players as Garricha, Rivelino, Tostao oder Jairzinho and he is supposed to have scored more than 1000 goals during his career. He was also the first famous football player that because of marketing strategies invited his fans to buy football material. He was number "9", but on his jersey he had number "10".



Maradona was an example in Boca Juniors and Napoli, he dominated the World Cup of 1986 and patentet the famous "Hand of God". The best goal in that World Cup is his one for sure.


But what is more important? The achieved goals, the titles, the technique or class they were in? But times were different, they played in different ligues and they never really competed. It's hard to choose one and therefore the debate of who was the better player will go on for a while.

Nowadays there are more possibilities to compare football players. Fifa's Ballon d'Or or the European Golden Shoe award the best player. When Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi will have stopped their career, we will be able to say in an objective way who the better player was. Regarding Pelé or Maradona, together with Cruyff and Di Stefano. no one was actually better than the other. Each of them had his own style and left his mark in his period, they didn't play at the same time. For sure all of them are responsible for changes in the history of football.

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