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Pilates ring exercises

 TAGS:Everyone knows that Pilates is very healthy practice. It helps the body and the mind. It helps to exercise the muscles and at the same time, clear our heads of the problems of everyday life. Lately, the trend is to practice pilates exercises with isotoner ring.

The ring is the perfect addition to your pilates training. It is an elastic ring but firm at the same time. This allows it to exercise your muscles. Furthermore it provides gripping zones which make it easier to find the correct position. But be careful. No joints should be placed in these grips.

You have to know that to work with the flexible ring, as in the rest of pilates exercises, we need to stay focused and keep a proper body position. This material will help strengthen the muscles and not required many repetitions. That itself is not suitable for beginners.

If you want to train a little harder your chest area, then you can hold the hoop in front of you while you pull using your stomach. Then let it return to its position by controlling the movement.

To improve the pelvic floor and abdominals you can practice the Hundred posture. Lying down face up and with the ring between your knees take the neck to the pelvis controlling your movement, respiration and maintaining a correct spinal position.

If you want to exercise your abdominal and pelvic floor can try to put you on your back in the position of the table with the ring behind the head. Flex one leg around 45 ° and bring the ring closer to it, once achieved this position twist your body keeping inspiration.

A proper exercise to strengthen the outside of the hips consists in lying face up with the ring placed around the legs to the knees, which will flex. It is not as hard as it may seem. Also a similar exercise to work another muscle group could achieve that by placing the loop at the ankles.

A very complete exercise for the pilates ring is from the position in which you are lying on your back, hold the ring with your hands and bring it gradually to your hip and once there, extend it a little more, being aware of how you are stretching the vertebrae and how much strength you are using with your abs. Once you notice you are already there, slowly return to the start position.

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