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Preparing a bicycle race against the clock


Prepare for a bicycle race against the clock can be a challenge, so it is necessary to consider some basic rules to follow during the workout the day before a race.

One day before the race or event, it is recommended to do a workout from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours. With an easy pace, which does not increase your heart rate over 65 %.

Make sets of 10 seconds, five in total, with intervals of about 5 minutes. These exercises will help you to activate the muscles before the race. But rest also plays a crucial role. So you need to rest for 2 or 3 days before the race and never the previous day.

It is a mistake to do nothing before the race. Because the muscles relax and the next day at the race, the muscles do not have the power you need. It is easy make a test if you need proof experience. Try both methods and see.

Respect the needed rest the days before the race will help replenish the energy required. A good diet is also necessary. But the crucial moment for a successful day against the clock is the day before the competition.

This training should not be too violent, to not spend too much energy. But it must not be too soft, to avoid losing muscle tension. In addition, after training, you can do some superficial massage to feel ready for the challenge.

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