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Racquet sports

 - Racquet sports are very popular among fans. Generally involve very comprehensive exercise, plus great entertainment, facilities have grown in recent years, and also the variety of equipment; therefore, their average prices are down, allowing its practice to a wider audience.

The top game of this type is tennis. With origins in eighteenth-century France, later adapted and developed among the British upper classes to what we have inherited today: a sport for two or four players equipped with rackets.

The initial approach is simple. Both contestants must pass the ball to the away ground before it bounces twice. This sport, at a professional level, requires a huge physical commitment: long term work, acceleration and change of pace, arms, head... Even among amateurs it brings a bit of fun exercise, much less exhausting.

For its practice, the necessary and essential items are good tennis shoes adapted to the court’s surface (usually cement) and tennis racquets (even if you only need one, it’s worth having a spare in case it loosens or breaks, in order to  not having to finish the game early). If you have not experience, you will not need an Aeropro Drive to get started. Moreover, you will cannot take advantage of it. Modest beginnings are always better.

Even more if you intend to combine tennis matches with some of racquetball, an adaptation of this popular ball game (widespread in the Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja and France). Played in fronton, in recent decades has become an alternative to the traditional blade games.

An evolutionary step is the paddle tennis, a booming modality that has many similarities. Conceived in Mexico during the 70s, the modern sport has surpassed all expectations. As a distinguishing feature of tennis, provides 2 background walls and side metal fences, transforming the court in a cage. Paddle blades and balls also dispel any resemblance to tennis, while retaining the scoring logic. You can also buy exclusive paddle shoes, but if you are starting you can use the tennis ones. Being intuitive, don’t buy equipment above your sports possibilities. That is, for starters, better a New Nano Ti racket rather than an Inferno Ultra.

Other two sports that are played with racquets worldwide are squash and badminton, perhaps the two most exotic in the group. Squash is played indoors necessarily, so it may well explain its curious origin: the London's Fleet prison. The universalization of the game since its inception in the early nineteenth century has been unstoppable. 2 rackets, a small room and a soft ball ensure good exercise. Badminton, originated in China and globalized by England, also requests rackets, but not ball. The shuttlecock, bird or birdie is designed so that the flight of every shot is high and long over a network also placed high.

Ready to drop a few swats? If you're starting, the paddle can be the best choice, because there are urban courts that do not require you to move away or subscribe for any club. So we recommend the best paddle blade-shoes combination:

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