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Rowing exercises

 TAGS:For those looking for an exercise that effectively complete your training, for those who are looking to lose weight significantly and for those who want to recover from a lesion: rowing is the perfect exercise. In addition, rowing is also a very fun sport to enjoy with friends.

Far from being just an exercise for the upper extremities, rowing offers a wide range of possibilities to avoid stress on the joints and reducing the impact on ankles and knees. Abs, legs and back will be strengthened through a workout that includes rowing exercises.

If you have never done rowing exercises you should know that at first you should not go very fast and force your muscles. It is more convenient that you are careful with your correct position. A monitor should help at this early stage in order to obtain better results. In addition, rowing is the perfect exercise for improving body balance.

Rowing can be practiced indoors and outdoors. Both options provide great benefits. If you practice rowing abroad then you have the chance to be in touch with nature, which gives to you a plus of relaxation although it is not suitable during the winter months. For rowing in nature you should buy thermal underwear though, at first, you can do it with your normal workout clothes.

If you are someone who prefers to go rowing in a gym, there you can find static machines with which you can practice the same moves as outdoors. If you are starting with a low resistance try not to overload your muscles and be careful to keep your back straight and your legs slightly bent.

Rowing benefits

One of the great advantages of rowing is that you get the chance to exercise several major muscle groups. I mean, it is ideal for those who want to keep in shape practising fitness and do not want a long-term training. It is also prefect to reduce calories if you are starting to train and it's hard for you to be regular.

It is a very healthy cardiovascular exercise as it increases your heart rate but not abruptly. You can row almost without realizing very complete aerobic exercise. Rowing is highly recommended to recover from an injury or rehabilitation because it increases mobility and muscle tone without straining the body.

If you have not tried it yet do not wait any longer, choose some cool numbers on your mp3 player or convince some friends and get started. You will not regret.

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