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Running and menstruation


Many people think that the menstrual period is not a justification to feel heavy or decrease their running trainings, but it really does affect women's body scientifically and it is important to take it into account, in order to take care of your bodies without losing the opportunity to train.

The runners who train in periods of high physical demands are likely to alter their hormonal system; this can have consequences such as loss of menstruation. When the body senses high energy consumption it can stop menstruation to avoid extra energy costs and this results in a disadvantage to health.

Some of the negative consequences of the disruption of menstruation:

  • The emergence of male characters
  • Loss of bone density that causes fractures and injuries
  • Fertility problems
  • It is important that when you note the disappearance of menstruation, you don’t hesitate to visit your gynecologist, to receive appropriate treatment, which is usually the administration of contraceptives to re-regulate the period.

But that does not mean that women must keep there running shoes until the menstrual cycle is over, or that you all have to invest in Polar heart rate monitors to keep your running controlled every minute.

While all organisms are different, the menstrual process can be controlled based on certain common factors in most of the runners, to have quality training and feel healthier:

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle or premenstrual phase the progesterone indices gets higher until the first day of menstruation. This hormone is responsible for reducing our performance, so it is not a myth. And you can see a bigger abdomen, experience leg fatigue and heaviness. For these days, it is better to do low-impact workout without interrupting running activity completely and keep the blood flow active.

The menstrual phase is the time when progesterone levels begin to drop, and then stabilize. But losing blood makes the body temperature and blood pressure higher, thus decreasing hemoglobin. At this time the error is stop training. You should have training of medium intensity and if possible do a little swimming, and increase consumption of iron and protein.

Postmenstrual phase: at this stage, the low progesterone and estrogen become your allies, and if you made the training correctly in the previous two phases you can feel that you have recovered and you can be active again. Always take into account your health.

And the heart rate monitor, the ideal is only to keep it to have it fun and have a more professional training, right? Today we recommend:

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