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Running in winter

 - Ready, set, go! In winter we can go out and practice running, because its realization must be constant if we want to keep fit and overcome our daily record.

But with the cold we must be well equipped and protect us from the weather. Practice running this winter, even if it rains, is cloudy, windy or the temperatures suddenly drop considerably. Here are some tips for you:

- Do not run too late. The days are shorter and at 6 pm it’s already night, so darkness will not allow you to see properly. It’s better to run in the morning or at noon and, in any case, if late in the afternoon, take accessories with lights, such as small sporting lanterns.

- Take care of your skin. The low winter temperatures dry out your skin extremely. When running, is better to apply before moisturizers for the face, lips, hands and fingers.

- Keep well hydrated. Although the temperatures are lower, we must also hydrate because exercise makes us sweat and release water from our body. It is necessary to bring the right hydration accessories and fill them often.

- Appropriate equipment and technique. The running vests and jackets should be made with technical materials, as well as the raincoats to prevent rain. They should also be breathable to protect us from the cold, avoid a sudden drop of our constant body temperature and catching a cold. Ideally, the running jackets for winter are light, reflective, with adequate ventilation and an attractive design.

- The most stylish and protective shoes. A proper running footwear for winter is similar to that used throughout the year, but may be somewhat thicker and wear some treatment to avoid sliding with the rain and ice which may be present in the asphalt.

- Hats, gloves... Is at this time when running gloves become more necessary, since without them the hands may freeze. Also choose the best materials for gloves, such as waterproofing and breathability.

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