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Running movies: 8 documentaries about running you'll love


Christmas is a great time to enjoy, not only running in natural environments, but also watching documentaries and films inspired by the passion for running, a sport discipline that continues to gain followers worldwide.

Watching these films will fill you with inspiration to achieve your goals and keep in shape while you integrate family and friends to the experience.

  1. Marathon Boy
    In this documentary by Gemma Atwal, a 4-year-old called Budhia Singh, has already completed 48 marathons, a figure which many runners fail to achieve throughout his sporting life. Budhia was sold by his mother and then subsequently discovered by a judo coach.
  2. Town of Runners
    Developed in Bekoji, a plateau known for the best runners in the world, it's about two runners who want to follow the example of their idols. Its director is Jerry Rothwell.
  3. Summits of my Life
    In this story, Kilian Jornet runs over mountain tops and breaks his limits. You'll enjoy it if you like running, natural environments and stories of dedication.
  4. Running the Sahara
    Narrated by Matt Damon, this documentary is the story of two runners trying to overcome the obstacles of sandstorms and the difficulties to cross the Sahara desert, moving 50 miles a day for 100 days.
  5. Run for your Life
    In this documentary created by Fred Lebow, the construction of the most popular marathon (New York) is explained in detail.
  6. Spirit of the Marathon
    Made by Jon Dunham, this documentary is based on 6 runners that were filmed during the Chicago Marathon in 2005. Revealing the exigency of trainings of these runners to the fans and the rewards they bring.
  7. Personal Best
    In this documentary five British sprinters go to the Olympic Games, showing the demands both physical and mental of training, and reveals the social pressure they experience.
  8. Ultramarathon Man
    50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, is the challenge faced by Dean Karnazes.

Surely you have come looking forward to running... So today we recommend:

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