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Running: rivaling helps you improve

 TAGS:For weeks you seem to be in a stand still. Your racing times are the same, it seems that your performance does not improve. You don't move forward despite having kilometers run on your back. Sometimes it's a transient issue, sometimes it can be related to other factors different than training, but if you care about it and you want to improve in running, take note of the ideas that we propose below.

First of all, you need to imagine or remember, if it ever happened to you, that your arch-enemy is better than you at something you want to beat him? It can be a game of pool, Play Station, or Wii, it can happen at school when you get your marks, the context is not important, what is important is that feeling of not wanting to be left behind.

Applied to training is as simple as rivaling with another athlete, a very favorable binding for both parties. Have you never gone jogging by the usual route and found the same guy, who suddenly appears and walks by you as a fireball until you stop hearing his footsteps and see his silhouette? It always happens to me with the same person (if you're reading: hola!) and besides being pretty frustrating it can also be somehow a bit comical.

The point is that social psychology experts recommend this sport competitiveness (in moderation, like everything), so I decided that I was not going to make it that easy for him anymore. Tuesday night, I just have to tie my sport shoe lace and go. Today he is not going to get in front of me.

And then he came. When I noticed his phosphorescent silhouette (because the guy is also pretty tacky) as Comet Halley approaching me I tried to give it all, I try very hard to run as fast as him.

That first contact with my new strategy did not end so well as I wanted, I must say. A pain in my right leg and a embarrasing experience, because while I was getting more and more red in the face trying to run as fast as him, the guy looked at me and that kept me laughing. It's impossible to run that way, but I am a little stubborn so I'll try again, though, on another route and another runner: you are warned!

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