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Running shoes with chip, the running experience

 TAGS:Reality is starting to be increasingly unbelievable. Especially for as little technological beings like me who often hallucinate with inventions that appear in James Bond films (although much more with some from the classic cartoons). I do not know what will you be thinking at this point but let's talk about running shoes.

Yes, micro chips or running shoes or a mixture. Do you also think that the people from Nike and Adidas R & D Department are trying to win the Nobel Prize this year? Their latest idea: running shoes with measurement devices.

Knowing the speed at which you move or the distance you have covered during your workout is possible with just a pair of these futuristic shoes. You do not need the square and bevel, or GPS (the tool used by the people of this era). You can also pass on the stopwatch, heart rate monitor and all those devices hanging on you making you look like a peddler electronic toys for children (remember the Tamagotchi?).

The Adidas MiCoach or Nike + meet all these functions without taking up space, without corny artifice and with high precision. This is a milometer and not what we have in the car. Surprisingly, at first glance you do not notice anything special in their design or their looks, both running shoes seem ordinary. Neither you can perceive odd elements while wearing them, in fact they are as comfortable as they have always been (and I will not start the debate Nike - Adidas, because each one of us has his favorites).

The point is that this new invention means a saving because you no longer have to spend money on various gadgets, and besides it is a comfort, because you will agree with me when I complain about the bothering bracelet or some of those twenty thousand friendly devices that are invented for making life easier to runners (well, sometimes I cannot even my head when I run with them. Oh yes, bad idea to use them all at the same time).

So, I'm already in the process of choosing my favorite model and wanting to try jogging with it. I'll tell you more things after the first races:

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