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Should we train every day?


All we've asked ourselves sometimes how often we must train a week. Some people get the expected results training three days a week, others two days a week. These workouts will apply to both strength exercises and results oriented to obtain muscle mass.

Athletes who want to gain muscle mass should not practice more than three days a week; this type of athlete should practice up to 3 days. The number of training days per week is the least important part while training at the right intensity, go through a recovery period, and then retrain is the secret of success.

If you want to get proper training you should set your workout recovery time. Without respecting the recovery time you will stagnate in training without results.

It is for this reason that many people focus on the frequency of their workouts attending daily to the gym and after a while they complain about the slowness with which they see the results. Strength exercises and muscle mass routines, followed by a recovery period well respected for each case is a foolproof formula.

Sometimes our lifestyle change for our own good without even realizing it, and we only have 2 or 3 days a week to train, but in those days we combine exercises to achieve our goals, and we start seeing the expected results.

This is what other people consider a fluke or a more adaptable metabolism to our requirements, and begin to say that they are more consistent and have lower results, but it is actually the rate of stimulus and recovery that must be respected.

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