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Skiing: a sport with many benefits


The benefits of skiing for health are countless and, besides being a sport to be practiced outdoors and revitalize our mind, it is a sport that exercises our muscles both in the lower, middle and upper areas of the body.

To practice skiing we must have some physical preparation and take precautions, but instead we get many benefits.

Benefits of Alpine skiing:

  • It allows to work the muscles in general, calves, glutes, abs, quads, shoulders and back simultaneously.
  • Provides, as any outdoor sport, a sense of wellbeing and freedom.
  • Improves concentration and balance
  • Improves agility and coordination.

Benefits of cross-country skiing:

  • It exercises the cardiovascular system
  • Improves physical resistance
  • Allows to improve balance and motor coordination.

The most practiced types of skiing include Alpine and cross-country skiing. In the natural environment where they are practiced the air is purer and this allows better blood oxygenation. Their practice requires proper equipment.

In general, the practice of all types of skiing prevent cardiovascular disease, because of its high energy expenditure, and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. However it should be restricted to pregnant women, minors and asthmatic persons, to prevent further complications.

Before skiing you must purchase all the necessary equipment to do so, thus you can prevent injuries and protect the most yourself from adverse weather conditions likely to occur, and thus devote yourself to improve your skills.

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