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Sports to gain strenght


Currently, we found a lot of sports to gain strength. With those kind of sports, the gain of resistance is usually combined with strengthening the muscles, speed, increased elasticity.

Many of the exercises to develop strength are based on making a great effort in a little space of time. The running is shown as a sport that provides this advantage. We run for a long time to gain some strength and resistance that is going to help us keep running and increase our pace gradually.

In this case, we'll run 4 miles the first week, 13 in the second and then we can always increase the miles by 6% or so.

Cycling is also encompassed within these sports. You gain strength, speed, flexibility and strong legs, and develop muscles in the arms. If you are someone who prefers to do less physical daily efforts, walking also provides these benefits.

About 20 minutes walk a day is perfect. For example, we walk home from work ... efforts will be noticed after weeks. And besides the gain of strength, our mind will relax.

Another exercise to build endurance is dancing. It is also very entertaining because you can create choreography, develop your imagination or be in contact with others.

In all this, the aerobic work will be very important. We must be consistent and do any of these exercises on a customized and personalized plan, for 15 min per day. Always be considering our physical capabilities.

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