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Sportswear fashion trends on the catwalks

 TAGS:After the last edition of this year's London Fashionweek we have become aware of the latest fashion trends and must-haves for spring 2013. As this season is characterized by frequent outdoor activities due to higher temperatures and people enjoying the outdoor coffee shops of their city, the fundamental question is what to wear on these sunny afternoons out. If you want tu buy sportsmaterial and sportswear online check out the latest trends.

The outfit should be casual and sporty but it should always have a glamorous touch as well. Forget the dark colours of winter, as black and grey, now everything is in colour, ranging from orange, purple and light blue to green, the most important thing is the energetic vibe your clothes transmit.

Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani showcased their creations on a new type of catwalk. Who would have supposed a few years ago that brands as Nike or Adidas are now worn by catwalk models around the world?

While the collaboration of Stella McCartney and Adidas as the current public face of this union provides the most direct link between sport and style and between fashion and culture, the trend is not exclusively a British one. American designer Claire McCardell was the forerunner for sportswear as a form of high fashion in the 1950s, championing ballet flats and the notion that sporty and practical could be, at the same time, feminine and fashionable. Similarly Coco Chanel had previously sent out this message with her designs featuring casual blazers, both long-line and flannel structures. 

2013 is the time for Sporty Chic with athletic-inspired short dresses being spotted on New York Fashion Week's catwalk, from shows such as Victoria Beckham to DKNY. These casual cool dresses look super stylish when worn with leather-strapped dainty heels for an elegant look, or with Converse trainers for an everyday fashion feeling.

There are many ways to get inspiration for the creation of new collections. Victoria Beckham took inspiration from the everyday life. Her son Romeo running through the kitchen in his baseball jersey led to baseball caps and sports jackets in her Spring collection coupled with  necklines and tennis dresses. This provided a fresh, relaxed aesthetic to the designer brand and a departure from her previous form of creating dresses in very structured lines.



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