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Sportswear: From the sports field to the catwalk

 - During the the last years the street style has become really trendy and the world's most famous catwalk models wear hoodies and tracksuit bottoms instead of fancy dresses. The shop windows are full of sporty clothes which nowadays have to fulfill fashion requisites and not just be comfortable. The idea of wearing them outside the sports field has become popular and seeing people walking around in sporty clothes has become quite normal.

Especially the hoody has found its way into the wardrobe of many people, independent from their age or social background. For sure you own one as well which you wear in front of the televison and for sports and maybe as well for going out. The idea is not wearing it at a candle-light dinner with your boyfriend but it's perfect for going to the supermarket, having a coffee with a friend or taking a walk.

Labels as Abercrombie&Fitch, Adidas and Puma have shown it to us:  People with style wear hoodies.

But this variant of sweater exists since a long time, actually it was invented in the 1930s. Clothing company Champions originally produced it for the workers of the warehouses of New York. Afro-american teenagers have made a symbol for their "lifestyle" out of the hoody. They decided that it should represent the so-called "ghetto-style" which is linked to hip-hop music, baggy-pants and a certain kind of rebellion.

Walking through the streets of New York, especially through the districts of Brooklyn, Chelsea or the Bronx you will meet a lot of teenagers in hoodies. A typical image is the one of a 7 ft tall man carrying a basketball under his arm and wearing a hoody.

 In february 2012 the hoody converted into an object of debates because of the murder of the afro-american teenager Trayvon Martin. Racism and policial arbitrariness were the main discussion points. Trayvon Martin was killed by a policeman in the state of Florida who affirmed acting in self-defence. As a consequence in cities as New York, Washington and Chicago mass demonstrations took place, during the ones participants were wearing hoodies showing solidarity with the afro-american teenagers and at the same time  giving a sign of protest against racism and prejudice.

The discussion even reached the point of wanting to forbid hoodies to avoid racist attacks on afro-american teenagers. Of course they could not impose that measure and the hoody is still a synonym for urban lifestyle which does not mean violence. It is a popular sportswear and after a long training day there is nothing better than wearing a hoody and feeling comfortable.

After that short introduction into the history of the hoody for sure you will feel like going on a shopping-trip. If you are too lazy for that, don't worry. You can shop easily from home and discover sport articles and sport clothes on

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